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Our Mission

The mission of the San Pasqual Education Department is dedicated to honoring our ancestors through education, cultural awareness and personal development for community empowerment, healthy Native families, and a strong, bright future.


The San Pasqual Education Department services San Pasqual tribal members and their families. They are welcome to participate and use the resources and programs offered by the education department.


Students participating in our programs must register annually with the education department. There is a registration   packet that must be completed by the students parent or legal guardian before they can participate in d  epartment programs. Registration packets must be turned in complete and approved by the Director before a start date is given. Additional registration forms may be required for certain programs, such as Children's Center, Young „iipay Movement, and Inter-Tribal Sports.

Center Rules

Students participating in programs sponsored by the San Pasqual Education Department, regardless of the location of the activity, are required to adhere to the following rules also known as the “Big 5”:

  1. Respect self, others, property, and center
  2. Keep all body parts and objects to yourself
  3. Use appropriate language
  4. Stay in assigned areas
  5. Maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit

Services Provided​

Tutorial Program

The San Pasqual Education Department offers a K-12th grade after- school Tutorial Program Monday through Thursday. Tutorial programs include: homework tutorial, academic enrichment, culture, and life skills.

  • K-3rd grade: 2:30-4:30pm
  • 4th-12th grade: 2:30 to 4:45pm.

*It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to make arrangements to have their child picked up by 5:00pm. After 5:00pm, there will not be any supervision. If a child has not been picked up by 5:00pm, staff will notify Tribal Security.

In order to participate in the after-school activities, students must attend school that day. Special exceptions are allowed for students enrolled in alternative education programs. Students must be registered with the Education Department in order to participate in this program.

Students are responsible for bringing their homework on a daily basis. Supervision will only be during program hours.

After a student leaves the facility, they may only return with permission from the Program Manager. Students will be considered released if they leave the building and will not be allowed to return.

The goal of the tutorial program is to provide resources and support to families and their students. If you would like assistance or have any questions about how we can assist your efforts, please contact us.

Youth Leadership and College Motivation

The Education Department promotes Youth Empowerment through various programs.  UNITY (United National Indian Tribal Youth) is a program designed to promote personal development, citizenship, and leadership among Native American youth. The program also teaches the importance of tribal sovereignty, culture, and tribal government.  College visits and conferences are offered in conjunction with the leadership program. Students who attend leadership activities and workshops may apply for participation. Eligible students will be required to complete a separate application. Participants will be selected based on a variety of criteria including, but not limited to, participation, motivation, and leadership meeting attendance. SPED also, facilitates Girl Scouts programs and activities for the youth of San Pasqual. 

Computer Lab

The computer lab is open to San Pasqual community members 18 years old or over, Monday through Friday from 9:30 am—12:30 pm and 1:00 pm- 5:00 pm except when scheduled programs are in session. Children's Center is scheduled in the computer lab on Wednesday mornings. Students enrolled in home school, Escondido Charter, independent study, continuation school or other alternative programs can use the computers during the morning hours, unless other arrangements have been made with the Director or Program Manager. Summer hours are subject to change. While using the computer lab students must adhere to the following rules:

  • The computer lab will be available to students only when a staff member is supervising.
  • The computers in the computer lab are only to be used for educational purposes. (Department approved educational games, internet research, and homework).

Fieldtrips and Off-Site Activities

In addition to designing and implementing our own programs, the San Pasqual Education Department collaborates with a variety of outside agencies and programs. Frequently, throughout the year, the education department transports and chaperones students during these activities.

Participants are expected to follow the “Big 5” while off-site. The discipline procedures will be the same regardless of where an activity is held. As a department, we stress to participants that they are representing the San Pasqual tribal community and their families. Participants are expected to be on their best behavior.

For department fieldtrips and programs sponsored by other agencies, additional registration forms and fieldtrip permission slips are required. All fieldtrips are insured with the tribe's insurance.

The `estik Program (0 - 3 years)

'Estik, meaning “little” in Kumeyaay, is a parent and child together class. Schedule to be announced. Check monthly calendars for days and times offered. Parents will learn they are their child's first and best teacher! We will be introducing fun and interesting ways to help us understand our new roles as parents. It will also be a great time to gain social support and encourage different types of learning with all of our peers. Some of the focus groups offered will be directed toward developmental stages, being a confident parent, and promoting strong bonds.

Children’s Center (3 - 5 years)

The Children's Center will be offered Monday through Thursday 8:00 am to 12:30 pm. Early release times will be 8:00 am to 11:00 am. This program offers the skills necessary for Kindergarten readiness. Opportunities for exploration, early literacy, culture preservation, and social skills will be part of a daily routine. This promising social environment will promote happy and healthy learning for all. Students must bepotty trained AND 3 years of age by September 8th. Cut off dates align with VCPUSD cut off dates. (Children's Center families will receive an additional handbook pertaining to Children's Center classroom’s policies and procedures.)

Inter-Tribal Sports League (ITS)

The San Pasqual Education Department participates in the Inter-Tribal Sports League which includes reservations in San Diego and Riverside Counties. Students who wish to participate in Inter-Tribal Sports must be registered with the San Pasqual Education Department and must fill out an ITS registration form. Inter-Tribal Sports include but are not limited to:

  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Football
  • Softball
  • Soccer

Fun Fridays

The San Pasqual Education Department will offer student enrichment activities for K-12th grade students on scheduled Fridays from 2:30- 4:30pm. Activities may include: culture, games, leadership meetings, movies, and sports.

Summer Internship Program

The Summer Internship Program is for San Pasqual tribal community members that are in 8th-12th grade. The goal of the program is to provide work experience and leadership development to 8th-12thgrade students. The interns are expected to be role models and mentors for San Pasqual youth which include being drug and alcohol free and in good standing at school and at the San Pasqual Education Department. The internship is offered during the San Pasqual Education Department’s summer program. Students are required to re-apply for each summer that they would like to work. If a student has GPA lower than a 2.0 or a grade of D or lower during internship, the student will be placed on academic suspension and will not be able to work until the grade is raised.

Young Ipai Summer Cultural Program

The Young Ipai Summer Cultural Program is offered to students in 1st- 12th grade. Participants learn aspects of traditional Kumeyaay culture such as language, arts and crafts, history, games, dances, and songs.  Fieldtrips are also part of Young Ipai Summer Program. Participation in the Young Ipai Summer Program requires an additional registration form and the new school year’s registration form.

Young Entrepreneur Program

The Education Department facilities fundraising for student programs.  In conjunction with fundraising, students will be training in Business, Customer Service, and Financial Education.  Part of the Young Entrepreneur Program is the Education Department’s Food-Truck, and Community Gardens.  

Mata ‘Yuum - An Educational Community Garden Project on San Pasqual

The San Pasqual Education Department in partnership with Indigenous Regeneration (a local non-profit) has successfully launched the development of a unique 6-acre outdoor educational center, Mata'Yuum. Through this partnership our students will have access to hands on learning wrapped around practices and traditions that Kumeyaay people have used for thousands of years. Indigenous Regeneration focuses on food, medicine and eco-building. Mata'Yuum has learning stations to educate on Kumeyaay desert plants, mountain plants and riparian plants that have been used traditionally as ocean, mountain, desert people. Additional topics are taught as well, such as Organic farming methods, permaculture, product to market, water conservation, recharging aquifers, super adobe building technologies, orchard management, and much more. As part of our partnership, students will be participating in actives like Family Farming Fridays, Summer Solstice Kumeyaay Cosmology Camp out, Young Ipai-penours, and community events held at Mata'Yuum. 

Adult GED/HiSET/High School Diploma and Computer Class

The Adult GED/HiSET/High School diploma and computer classes are offered Tuesdays from 3:00-5:00pm and Fridays from 3:00-5:00pm in collaboration with the Escondido Adult School. The class is taught by a credentialed adult education instructor. Prospective students are encouraged to contact the San Pasqual Education Department, the Escondido Adult School, or email Michelle at For more information, please refer to monthly calendars at the Education Department.

Kumeyaay Community College

Kumeyaay Community College now has classes at San Pasqual Reservation.  KCC is accredited through Cuyamaca College and offered credit courses in Kumeyaay Studies.  Through KCC, students are able to complete a College Certificate in Kumeyaay Studies or an Associate’s Degree (AA Degree) in Kumeyaay Studies.  Please contact Kumeyaay College Board of Trustee Lorraine Orosco at SPED for more information.

Department Staff

Lorraine Orosco
Executive Director

Shonta Chaloux
Program Coordinator

Krystopher Chaipos
Program Aide

Kimberly Peralta
Administrative Data and Financial Specialist

Lisa Chavez

Andrew Rios
Tribal Youth Diversion Employment Education Specialist

Deana Willis
Program Manager

Steven White
Youth Prevention Manager

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