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To protect the Tribe’s assets and to ensure honesty and integrity of the Gaming Facility.


The San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians (Tribe) chartered, created, and established the San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians Tribal Gaming Commission (Tribal Gaming Commission) as a governmental subdivision of the Tribe. The Tribal Gaming Commission is comprised of five (5) members appointed by the Tribe’s Business Committee for a term of three (3) years. The Tribal Gaming Commission elects a Chair, Vice-Chair, and a Secretary/Treasurer. The Tribal Gaming Commission is the primary regulator of the Tribe’s Gaming Facility, Valley View Casino and Hotel (VVCH), and provides for the sound regulation of all gaming activities, protects public health and safety, protects the public interest in the integrity of such gaming activities, and prevents improper or unlawful conduct during such gaming activities.

This is achieved through the Tribal Gaming Commission’s Tribal Gaming Agency comprised of an Executive Director, Surveillance Department, Licensing Department, Internal Audit, Technical Compliance Department and Regulatory Compliance Department. The Tribal Gaming Agency monitors compliance with applicable Tribal, State, and Federal laws and regulations including, but not limited to the following San Pasqual Tribal Gaming Ordinance, IGRA, NIGC, Tribal-State Compact requirements, Tribal Internal Control Standards (TICS),  Gaming License Regulations, and IRS (Title 31 compliance).


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