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2017 Water Quality Report

We are very pleased to share with you that the San Pasqual Water Department continues to provide high quality and affordable drinking water to you each and every day.

While we are extremely confident about the quality of water delivered to your homes, as a community we must rethink how we use this quality water. Because of the severe drought the entire state of California is facing, this is a very challenging time in San Pasqual ’s water history. We have to challenge ourselves to adapt to this new water reality: it is a limited resource and it is becoming more so. Rethinking water use outdoors is by far the area with the most potential for savings. However there are other ways to save so that we all can do our part to reduce water use.

Water is integral to maintaining the San Pasqual ’s way of life. Together, we must value water, use it more wisely and never waste it. I am confident this report will shed some light on just how valuable water is, how much effort is involved to deliver this precious resource, and some tools to help us reduce our use. 

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